Breaking Ground at Pera Museum

Breaking Ground at Pera Museum

Merhaba! In the weekend of 22 and 23 December of this year, Breaking Ground will present a programme in the wonderful Pera Museum in Istanbul during their programme "The Shortest Day on Earth". In collaboration with EYE, BG and Pera we have selected a recent programme of some of the best short Dutch student films:

1. MO by Eché Janga
2. Als ik jou niet had (If it weren't for you) by Anne-Marieke Graafmans
3. Ketelgeesten (Kettlespirits) by Hans de Wolf
4. On the Water by Yi Zhao
5. Tegels (Tiles) by Johan Rijpma
6. Meta by Jurriën Boogert

For more information about the films, click on the images below.

Screening of the film programme is on

Saturday, December 22 at 16:30
Sunday, December 23 at 18:00

Breaking Ground and some makers will be present to meet any of you that are interested. We are, so do not hesitate to walk up to us and ask us many questions!

Pera Museum’s Film and Video Programming aims to inform and entertain the museum audience by underlining the importance and diversity of film and video with monthly programs featuring classic and experimental cinema, animation, documentaries, short films and video art screenings. The film and video program strives to foster a growing awareness for international and national film.

This programme is also made possible and supported by the Consultate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This year we celebrate the 400 years of diplomatic relations between Turkey and the Netherlands. Everywhere you look, cultural and artistic projects have popped up, dedicating their programme to the special NLTR400 project. Breaking Ground is taking part in this event by presenting the best of Dutch student films. So if you're in Istanbul don't forget to stop by the Pera Museum and witness the wonderful shorts we have to offer.

Looking forward to meet you!

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