Breaking Ground EU

Breaking Ground EU

Friday, February 22 we will kick off our revamped student film evening which we present to you every two months in EYE, Amsterdam. The programme this evening consists of two European films and two of the best Dutch student shorts. The film programme starts at 19:30 and it is yet again moderated and presented by Frank Hoeve (BALDR FILM) accompanied by our guest Wallie Pollé (Director Cineart Nederland) and another special film guest (tba).

Have a look at the special films we offer you:

1. Heraut by Rosanne Pel (HKU)
2. Korpus by Flo Baumann (Hochschule der Künste, Zürich)
3. Wile E. by Christopher Holloran (Gerrit Rietveld)
4. A Life Well Seasoned by Daniel Rieley (University College of Bournemouth)

Christopher and Rosanne will be present to enlighten you with the details about their own masterpieces. Frank Hoeve and our special guests will also be there to interrogate them.

Tickets are available via

We hope to see you in EYE at our first Breaking Ground EU evening!

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