Breaking Ground EU

Breaking Ground EU

This season ‘Breaking Ground EU’ will return on December 19th. Important to note, we’ve switched locations! We are now strutting our stuff in the Kriterion Cinema, the student cinema in Amsterdam. We’re very thankful to the EYE Institute for hosting us these past couple of years and we’re even more excited to present ourselves at Kriterion!

Locations may change, quality programming does not. That doesn’t mean that we’re gonna show you the same films. Oh no, we’ve got a few knockout punches lined up for you in this edition. These films, (the theme of the evening, if you will,) are all about desperate men. Men in difficult situations, trying to make their lives work. Be it in quiet desperation or screaming it out. Gotta love the drama.

Hopefully you’ll join us for a night of high drama, quiet understatement, a laugh, a tear, and of course afterwards, a beer.

So, note the date and the address:

December 19 at 20:00

Kriterion, Roetersstraat 170, Amsterdam

Presenters and guests will be announced soon!

Films Shown


The upcoming European film talent we think is worth following. Discover the new Lars von Trier or Pedro Almodóvar.


Films by young filmmakers that caught our eye and we would love for you to see as well.


Breaking Ground unfortunately seized to exist in may 2016. However, here you can still find our past events.


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