Holland Doc Interview: Reality 2.0

05 01 2014

Holland Doc Interview: Reality 2.0

We kick off the new year with the animated documentary Reality 2.0. Our programmer Camiel interviewed director Victor Orozco Ramirez, who graduated with this film from the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts, but is originally from Mexico.

Reality 2.0 
is an animated documentary. What made you decide to choose for this particular form of style? 

I did my first animated documentary in 2006. The short film was called "Spare the blood spoil the child". In this project I mixed animation and documentary sound. At that time I didn´t know that there was something called animated documentary. But when the film was screened in Dok Leipzig I realized that they had a section, which is specialized in this kind of films. After that film I decided not to make any more animated films, the process took so long and I end up a little bit frustrated. When I started to make "Reality 2.0", the project was not really aim to be an animation but, as I advanced with the project, I realized that the only way to portrait this kind of violence was trough animation. The animation was used as a kind of veil to avoid the visual morbidity of the violence and instead to highlight and contrast the horror of this violence.  You could say that I wasn’t searching for a realistic medium. Instead I was searching for a style that could help me to visualize my own interpretation of the problem trough metaphors and poetry. 


The documentary Reality 2.0 is your personal view on drugs and politics in Mexico. This makes your film subjective, even though it doesn¹t feel that way. Was it hard for you to find the right balance between subjectivity and objectivity?   

At the beginning the project was structured as a conventional film about the drug war in Mexico. But in the middle of the process I realized, that was not what I needed to do, that the real problem in Mexico was social disruption and fear. Of course, that is my own interpretation of the problem and as such I decided to create the film as an essay just with my personal perspective. I am living in Germany and this helped me to keep a distance to analyzed the problematic. I never thought about subjectivity or objectivity. For me it was clear that the project was totally subjective, maybe the objectivity came in to the project unconsciously because of the distance that I had. 


Reality 2.0 was your graduation film. Are you working on any other projects at the moment? And if so, are they animated projects as well?   

Yes, I am starting to work with the concept of loneliness. At the moment I don´t know if I am going to use animation again, everything can happen because I improvised a lot. I normally discover what is the film about just when I start with the montage. So, actually I really don´t know what my next project will be like.


Viewing times on the Holland Doc channel and website are: 

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Friday 10 January at 13:12.

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