Buzzing News #7!

13 11 2014

Buzzing News #7!

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Trailer Breaking Ground @ Kriterion - 20-11-2014 from Breaking Ground on Vimeo.

Sinterklaas is coming to town...

But don't embrace the aery holiday spirit just yet as we still have some serious business to sort out. On 20thof November we'll be in Kriterion showcasing the fabulous works of four innovative student film-makers. As always, we're joined by a set of super special guests: film-journalist Jan Pieter Ekker, director Viktor van der Valk and producer Hanne Sinninghe. Come discover the “Trailblazers and Innovators”, join us for a session of Q&As and then let's continue the discussions over a beer in the cozy Kriterion bar.Cineville pass holders have free entrance.

Still not convinced? Get a taste of our lovely program in the trailer below!

Bring Your  Own Beamer in Breda!

Or if you don't have one, come see what other proud possessors of this marvelous tool (a.k.a people like us!) have to offer (in our case – Ah!Mazing student shorts)! We'll be waiting for you on November 28th in the MOTI museum in Breda for an over-the-top-fun-guaranteed BYOB screening!    


Behold the Student Film Campus that rulz them all... 

Ok, it might not be as fancy and well known as theBerlinale or Sarajevo Talent Campus but we think theGo Short Campus is the Place to Be for student filmmakers looking for a cozy yet inspiring film-making experience. The young team, the relaxed but animated environment, the cool approachable film professionals, all these things will definitely unleash the creativity of all participating students. And, as a cherry on top, you'll also get the chance to see us in flesh, and yes! stop us for a chat or have a drink with us at one of the fabulous parties. Who could wish for more? 


Let there be Student Shorts Screenings Everywhere 

Yep, that's our ultimate goal and judging by the new spaces we've 'conquered': NFFNPO CulturaMOTI,Metro Movies, there's really no stopping us! On December 12th we'll also have a gorgeous selection of student shorts screening in EKKO. More details soon to follow, but mark the date in your agenda nonetheless! 


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