Wiep Teeuwisse

Name: Wiep Teeuwisse
School: HKU
Country: the Netherlands

My name is Wiep Teeuwisse and I am an animation student at Utrecht School of the Arts. I work with 2D animation as well as stop-motion animation. In both techniques I like to work with analogue materials and textures. I love to experiment with both design and story and I have a preference for socially engaged films and the animated documentary.

Director: Wiep Teeuwisse
Year of production 2013
Genre Animation
Length 2:00

Facing the news

A man gets confronted by the harsh reality of world news while reading the paper.

Shown at

Feb 2015 BG at Stukafest
Director: Wiep Teeuwisse
Year of production 2015
Genre Animation
Length 4'

Depart at 22

'Depart at 22' is a poetic animated short about growing old and the fear of losing the beauty of youth.

Shown at

25 September 2015 BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer)
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