Laura Hisken

Name: Laura Hisken
Function: Programmer

In June 2015 I joined the Breaking Ground team as a film programmer. Being a film studies graduate from the University of Amsterdam I gained quite some experience analyzing and discussing various aspects of films, so searching for new talented filmmakers and their films sounded great. Idealiy, I hope to encourage and connect young filmmakers who might feel overwhelmed rather than motivated by the countless choices they have to make and the growing competitiveness in the film industry. I really hope to discover hidden gems and give them a wider audience.

After finishing my (very) theoretical film studies in Amsterdam and
Gothenburg, being an intern at a documentary/film production company and working as a freelance production assistant, I developed a strong desire to start making my own documentary films. I made two teeny tiny documentaries and I want to start a practical documentary filmmaking education soon. In the meantime I'll continue to work on my own projects and I’m also doing an internship at a documentary production company that focuses on small and personal stories that embody universal themes, which is fully in line with my own interest in (making) documentaries.

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