Sven Peetoom

Name: Sven Peetoom
Function: Programmer

Passionate about watching and sharing interesting films, I joined the Breaking Ground team as programmer in 2015. Apart from selecting student shorts and organizing events, I'm involved with the development of the new online platform. Through my work, I want to ease the transition of talented young filmmakers from the film schools to the professional world, by increasing their visibility and creating screening opportunities for their shorts.

One of the reasons for my affinity to Breaking Ground, is being a filmmaker and former film-student myself. After a bachelor in Film and Literature studies in Leiden, I founded a film collective, started a filmproduction company and joined The One Vision Party in Amsterdam. Last but not least, I hope to join the European Film College in Denmark in 2017 in order to get a more multi-cultural approach of the film scene.

My favourite Breaking Ground student films

Director: Guido Hendrikx
Year of production 2014
Genre Documentary
Length 20

Onder Ons

Three self- conscious, high-educated paedophiles give a mercilessly insight in their experiences. How do you cope with a sexual orientation that’s considered morbid by society and by yourself? 

Shown at

April 2015 Breaking Shorts


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