Amber Nefkens

Name: Amber Nefkens
Function: Programmer

In June 2015, I joined the Breaking Ground team as a programmer. I would like to help emerging filmmakers to get their film out there through our website, but also our events, and our programming at NPO Doc.
I feel a bit like Jane Bond when exploring the Breaking Ground database and searching the world wide web for beautiful new student films. 

Apart from being a programmer at Breaking Ground, I have been working at Cinekid for Professionals since 2010. I am currently the Producer of the Cinekid Script LAB + Test and Pitch with Kids, as well as the Coordinator of the ScreeningClub. I also coordinated the Student Campus at Go Short International Film Festival in 2014 and 2015: it’s there where I became passionate about students and their films. 

I studied Language and Culture Studies + Film and Television Studies at Utrecht University, I participated in CinemAsia Film LAB, which resulted in my first short documentary as a director in April 2014, and I love to write songs and sing in my indie pop band Nowhere Near.

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