Raphaël Crombez

Name: Raphaël Crombez
School: Sint-Lukas Brussels
Country: Belgium

I recall the first time I was introduced to the works of David Lean, Paul Thomas Anderson and Martin Scorsese. It was by discovering films such as Lawrence of Arabia, Magnolia and Taxi Driver during my teenage years that a hunger for learning how to make motion pictures was inspired. But it was only after I studied 3D-animation in Johannesburg, South-Africa, that I seriously considered pursuing this dream I had otherwise deemed unattainable.

After finishing my studies and living in South-Africa for 4 years, I moved back to Belgium and enrolled at Sint-Lukas Brussels. There I made my Bachelor graduation short film 'Kingdom Come', which was selected for Brussels Film Festival of 2013 and Cine Public Ghent 2013. After earning my Bachelor degree in the Audiovisual Arts, I enrolled at the same film school for s Master in Audiovisual Arts.

Throughout the course of my film studies I was influenced more and more by certain musical compositions and original scores from the likes of Jonny Greenwood, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. It was in this time that I developed Perdition County as my thesis film. 

Director: Raphaël Crombez
Year of production 2015
Genre Fiction
Length 25’33”

Perdition County

Perdition County is an atmospheric story focusing on a foot soldier, named Desmond, who defects from his band of scalp-collecting pilgrims. He sets out on an odyssey to freedom, throughout the endless landscapes of a fictional county, and attempts to reclaim his humanity.

Shown at

28 September 2015 The Netherlands Film Festival


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