Isabel Muruzabal Lamberti

Name: Isabel Muruzabal Lamberti
School: Netherlands Film Academy
Country: Netherlands

Before attending the courses of the Dutch Film Academy, Isabel also graduated in Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam and at TISCH School of the Arts in New York. Her third year film 'Vuurrood' was selected by a large number of local and international film festivals and even won the PZS Jury Award during the Film by the Sea 2014 festival.
Her graduation film “Volando Voy” had its premiere during the prestigious San Sebastian  film festival and won there the Torino Award.
Isabel is drawn to the social realistic subjects and has no preferences between fiction and documentary. She's currently developing her first feature. 

Director: Isabel Muruzabal Lamberti
Year of production 2015
Genre Documentary
Length 22'

Volando Voy

Two young brothers wander around in a big empty world without a clear destination. Along the way, society passes before their eyes. Although it’s only a few feet away, the distance seems huge. Together the brothers try to escape reality but how do you, in the end, relate to a world where you don’t seem to be part of?

Shown at

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