Matthias Sahli

Name: Matthias Sahli
School: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK)
Country: Switzerland

Matthias Sahli is a 27 years old filmmaker. After finishing business school with addition to a professional diploma and several years of work experience, he found his true passion in making films. With his first short film “Make A Wish” he won the “Springende-Panther-Award” at the “Schweizer Jugend Filmtage”. Since 2012 he’s studying for the Bachelor in Film, at the University of Arts in Zurich. His latest short movie “Hausarrest“ was part of the 68th edition of the Festival del film Locarno in the Pardi di domani section. He was awarded with a Special Mention by the Junior Jury.

Director: Matthias Sahli
Year of production 2015
Genre Fiction
Length 14'

Hausarrest (House Arrest)

Hause Arrest tells the story of Max, who was sentenced to six months of house arrest. An electronic ankle bracelet called Percy helps him trough his new daily life. One day Max is shocked to discover how far Percy is willing to go to assist him in his needs.

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