Nora Särak

Name: Nora Särak
School: Baltic Film and Media School
Country: Estonia

Born in 1988 (Tallinn, Estonia)
2012 - 2015 Baltic Film and Media School, Media MA, directing documentary
2008 - 2012 Estonian Academy of Arts, Fine Arts BA, printmaking
2010 - 2011 Leeds Metropolitan University, UK, Graphic Art and Design (exchange studies)

Director: Nora Särak
Year of production 2015
Genre Documentary / Experimental
Length 27'

Valguseks/ Valguseni/ Valgusena (To Light)

A poetic documentary about a mother and her son of Estonian origin, living in the Russian town of Pechora, what used to be the Estonian city of Pesteri, a border town between Estonia and Russia.
The mother and the son are tight very close together: the mother is at the very end of her life, and the son is searching for light in the darkness.

Shown at

April 2016 Breaking Shorts


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