Thessa Meijer

Name: Thessa Meijer
School: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
Country: Netherlands

Thessa Meijer is a filmmaker based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She graduated with honours from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht in 2015 with the short film ‘Erkhii Mergen, or Why the Marmot Doesn't Have a Thumb'.


Thessa is part of Studio de Manege.


2015 winner Filmfonds Wildcard

2015 winner Dioraphte Award
2013 nominated VERS Awards XL
2012 winner Jong Talent Prijs Rabobank Cultuurprijs
2012 winner HKU Mediäle Fictie
2010 winner Write Now! Haarlem
2010 winner Film&Animation Kunstbende Noord-Holland

Director: Thessa Meijer
Year of production 2015
Genre Fiction
Length 19'

Erkhii Mergen, or Why the Marmot Doesn't Have a Thumb

While a Western city full of dilapidated industry awakens, Erkhii Mergen pulls along his dead horse. His story, based on an old Mongolian legend, is told by an old street sweeper.

Shown at

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