Hasse van Nunen

Name: Hasse van Nunen
Function: Founder

Hasse, unfortunately, is no longer actively involved in Breaking Ground, but will always remain the founder of her/our organization. For this reason she we always be present on this website!

Originally the founder of InDeMaak that later evolved into what Breaking Ground is today. Fluctuating and doing pretty much a little bit of eveything at Breaking Ground, I now function as the artistic director.

Besides my work for Breaking Ground, I'm also a producer for documentaries. It's a perfect combination, because Breaking Ground gives me the opportunity to meet new interesting filmmakers and start collaborations. For example Kim Brand (director of De Zorgfabriek) with whom I just finished the short film Wat de kat ziet (nominated for best short documentary at the Netherlands Film Festival) and as we speak we're developing yet again another, longer, documentary called Het geheim van het mandje for which we will shoot for a month in Zambia. 

I'm freelancing and I have my own company Een van de jongens (One of the guys). At the moment we're making (among others) a childrens television series for Villa Achterwerk/VPRO (directed by Renko Douze) and a 50 minute documentary about the children of war criminals (directed by Niels van Koevorden).

My favourite Breaking Ground student films

Director: Grzegorz Muskala
Year of production 2008
Genre fiction
Length 6'00"

Das Mädchen mit den Gelben Strumpfen (The Girl with the Yellow Stockings)

A young couple is spending the day in bed. He asks her, if she wants to marry him.At first she says no.

Shown at

March 2009 Breaking Shorts
Director: Andreas Koefoed
Year of production 2009
Genre Documentary
Length 30'00"

Albert's vinter

Albert is at his window. Watching the snow dance through the cold winter. Eight years old and feeling the pressure of the world. His mother is sick and in chemo therapy. Albert would rather not talk about it. Moreover his parents want him to start choir school. Experienced documentary filmmakers avoid this topic at all cost, but the Danish director is well-prepared and meets the challenge head-on.

Director: Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet
Year of production 2009
Genre animation
Length 8'00"


A character unshackles himself from the workings of his wild imagination on order ro win over the woman of his dreams.

Shown at

March 2011 Breaking Shorts
April 2011 Breaking Ground NL
Director: Gyorgy Kristof
Year of production 2009
Genre fiction
Length 4'59"

Hranice (Border)

A young mother who is living in the harsh conditions of a wreck yard is forced to give her baby awayto a childless, wealthy couple. Not for the money she will gain, but for a better life for her baby, which she never had herself and could possibly never provide either.

Shown at

March 2010 Breaking Shorts
January 2010 Breaking Ground NL
Director: Kelly Neal
Year of production 2007
Genre documentary
Length 12'42"

How to Safe a Fish from Drowning

How to Save a Fish from Drowning is a quirky film about the death of white rural America told through the voices of three old men fishing on a frozen lake. In a landscape cloaked in snow and hovering in a bright nothingness, they escape their wives, chew the fat about another neighbour having had to sell his farm, and they wait....

Shown at

September 2009 Holland Doc 24
Januari 2010 Holland Doc 24


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