Breaking Shorts

Breaking Shorts

Breaking Shorts 2010 (17-21 March)

Breaking Shorts is the student competition for Go Short international short film festival, Nijmegen. In 2010, Breaking Ground selected the 20 European student films for the second edition of the festival. You can find the selected films on the right side.


In 2010, the jury consisted of: Bram Schouw (director of fiction films), Chris Mouw (producer of animation films) and Paul Negoescu (director at fiction films).

Alberts Vinter (Albert’s Winter) by Andreas Koefoed won the Dioraphte encouragement award for best student film (price: €5000)

[From the jury rapport:]This documentary gives the audience a unique insight into the life of 8 year old Albert. This layered story never lets the gravity of the subject overpower and the director remains true to the mood and world of the child. It offers a fragile but always unpredictable and compelling film. The jury greatly admires the way the director has been able to create an atmosphere that is almost touchable and has permitted him to get so close to his subject, allowing the audience to almost feel part of the family. Apart from being breathtaking and heartwarming, Albert’s Winter is a film of great importance.”

Also nominated were:

Ghost of Icarus by Amos Mulder

[From the jury rapport:]The jury was astounded by the virtually magical Ghost of Icarus. Inspired by the famous myth, this film impressed both visually and auditory. It doesn’t come as a surprise that filmmaker Amos Mulder took on filming, directing and editing Ghost of Icarus because it shows its authenticity throughout. The soothing voice-over provides a framework for interpretation and lulls the audience into a lucid dreamlike state.

Jacco’s Film by Daan Bakker

[From the jury rapport:]This is a prime example of films that are talked about at festivals and film academies, and rightly so. This film, which excels in its rhythm and originality, is a pure joy to watch! The brilliantly written script has been expertly kissed to life by direction, which stays true to its style. In each scene the joy in making it and their expertise is clearly evident. The jury is confident in predicting a great future for its makers.”

Jacco’s Film didn’t win the best student film, however it did win the Go Short Audience award!

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