Solar Cinema - European Tour

Solar Cinema - European Tour

Solar Cinema Tour 2010

In 2010 Cosymo's Solar Cinema and Breaking Ground decided to join forces to show Europeans what film students have a the environment. Beside Cosymo's own programme, Breaking Ground selected a couple of films by film students.

The tour:

May-June - The Netherlands - BKKC
4-7 July - Switserland - Kult Kino
8-10 July - Italy - Cinema Italia
12-26 July - Croatia - Art-Kino Croatia / Pula Film Festival
28 July - 3 August - Slovenia -
5-18 August - Macedonia - Making Dox
19-29 August - Romania - Stufstock
31 August - 8 September - Italy - CICAE/Circuito off
10-12 September - France - Cinema l'autan


The upcoming European film talent we think is worth following. Discover the new Lars von Trier or Pedro Almodóvar.


Films by young filmmakers that caught our eye and we would love for you to see as well.


Breaking Ground unfortunately seized to exist in may 2016. However, here you can still find our past events.


News about us, our partners, the film world, other film festivals and announcements.