Go Short Student Campus

Go Short Student Campus

The central theme of the campus of 2010 was the combination between documentary  and European identity. During the campus film students reflected on their vision as a filmmaker, answering questions such as what defines  a subject as suitable for  a documentary, how to tell a compelling story and how to direct a documentary without making it seem staged?

The participants of the 2010 edition were:

Dimitris Argyriou (Greece) - Ionian University, Department of Audio & Visual Arts

Christopher Holloran (The Netherlands/United Kingdom) - Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam

Vincent van den Broek (The Netherlands) - Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam

Floor van der Meulen (The Netherlands) -Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam

Christiaan Grammer (The Netherlands) - Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam

Marit Brom (The Netherlands) - RITS Brussels

Fabio Mota (Portugal) - SAE Institute Rotterdam

Sergej Lopouchanski (Belgium) - RITS Brussels

Mumin Baris (UK) - FAMU Prague




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