Holland Doc 24

Holland Doc 24

On April 4, 2010 Holland Doc 24 and Breaking Ground presented Bartosz Warwas' films Triathlon and Koluszki Blues.

Koluszki Blues: far, far away, in a small town beyond distant moutains and an enormous forest, there is Warkocz trapped. Only Great Love can release him. While waiting patiently for It to come, Warkocz is combing his long beard, a key to all his power...

is not a classic documentary film. It is rather a documentary fairy tale: once upon a time in a country beyond many seas and islands, beyond high mountains, beyond large rivers, lived a man who had a lot of problems. One day he decided to face it.

Next to the viewing of the film there is also an interview available with Warwas about Triathlon:

Where do you get the inspiration for your film?

"What interests me most in documentaries is how some people can live without caring about social conventions and what others think of them. We usually label them as eccentric, or as ‘freaks’. By this I do not mean that I am looking for characters and make them seem foolish. I appreciate and respect them very much. I admire them for their idealism and dreams, the goals they set themselves in life and the courage to go against the tide, and that they consequently have to live with loneliness and lack of general understanding.

I like to add an optimistic undertone in my documentaries, so that the people that see this get hope and courage to live their lives as they wish.”

What is most important to you when making a documentary?

"In my view that would be the inventiveness and the courage that goes with the way of how filmed reality undergoes the process of artistic creation. The world you see in a documentary does not need to match reality precisely. The revision of it with the artistic resources that are available to the director, sometime say more about the problems in the world today than the traditional documentary approach."

Can you tell anything about your next film project?

"Currently I am preparing a documentary about a married couple whose lives are totally dedicated to animals. They live in an apartment of only 40 square meters and hold fifteen cats and two dogs and also provide numerous stray cats with food. They have been married for nearly thirty years now and they are still in love with each other, even though the woman is twenty years older than her husband."


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