Holland Doc 24

Holland Doc 24

During the tenth edition on June 6 2010, Holland Doc 24 focused on Belgian student films: Lichtpunt (Viewpoint) by Sanne This and Les Invisibles (The Invisibles) by Lennart Stuyck.

Lichtpunt/Viewpoint is a short cinéma vérité documentary that sketches the life and life vision of Susanna. Susanna is a very special lady that has found a way to live a normal life in the extraordinary situation she finds herself in. The film does not steer the viewer in a way, so that he/she can develop an own opinion about this situation and shows that nothing is what it seems. It is a study of human life and the boundaries between sadness and laughter.

We interviewed maker Sanne This about her movie:

Where do you get your inspiration?

"I get my inspiration from situations and conflicts in everyday life. Nothing is so tender, funny and understandable like familiar situations. Filming these simple things or pure stories make it obvious to the viewer  how beautiful, funny, etc those situations really are. I think the element of recognition is important when telling a story. I am convinced of the fact that every situation in a particular field can be recognized, as long as it is filmed correctly.

I also find it very interesting to mix everyday things with something unusual. For example, in Viewpoint,  I shortly show Susanna how she’s going to the store, how Omer washes himself or how they cook dinner. These are all very obvious moments for the viewer and through this it gets confrontational when it is filmed from a different viewpoint."

What do you think is most important while making a documentary?

"The viewer should understand the subject of the documentary. To achieve the element of recognition that I just mentioned,  it is necessary for the viewer feel comprehension. I think it is important that the form and content are united. It therefore seemed to me for example, inappropriate to film my documentary in high definition as the main character is visually impaired. The camera is always at her eye level. To expose the viewer to a particular situation gives him or her sometimes a better view of his or her own vision or lifestyle and I find it interesting to submit the viewer to this.

Humor and a certain perspective are also very important to me. For one thing it makes heavier subjects lighter and on the other hand it constantly pulls the viewer to keep the attention. "

Where has the documentary been screened so far?

"Viewpoint already screened at some festivals, and is used as material to start discussion and conversations during meetings about visual impairment and health care."

What is your next project?

"My next big project will probably be a music video for the Danish band AKIRI. This is a band that mixes electronic music with Nintendo sounds. A whole new challenge, because I have for them a suitable visual style will find. I hope in January 2011 Denmark to attend and my own production company to create. "

The Belgian film student Lennart Stuyck made the short documentary Les Invisibles (The Invisibles) during his studies at RITS in Brussels. His conceptual film revolves around the ability to see and to be seen: it’s about the individual among the masses at Brussels North Station.

Lennart about his film and making documentaries:

"Inspiration can be found everywhere. Specifically for Les Invisibles  it was a challenge to put this into practice. Together with my crew, I just hung out two weeks at station Brussels North, and there we went looking for stories of people around us. The original idea came from a feeling that hits me more often. It’s the feeling that though the world is getting smaller, we have become more and more distant to the people around us. This feeling became painfully obvious when a few years ago Joe Vanholsbeeck was stabbed at the main station and none of the passers had noticed anything.
I always try to look for situations where I  personally would want to end up in. Currently, I am finishing a film (for Canvas) about Sugar Jackson, Flanders' best boxer who is fighting for the world championship title, but always encounters new obstacles. I chose to make this film because I always wanted to come out of a dark tunnel, ending up in an arena where hundreds of people are cheering for you, I want to experience how it feels to be a sportsman. Since this film has fallen into taste with audiences and critics, I have gotten a new opportunity: my new film will probably be about the final editing of a Walloon newspaper on the day of the elections. "

Les Invisibles was purchased by Canvas for the program “Lichtpunt”. This happened after gaining the audience award at the festival “Het Grote Ongeduld” in Brussels. The film was subsequently selected for the Docville festival in Leuven, the Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival in Serbia, and also at the European Media and Arts Festival in Germany.



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