Breaking Shorts

Breaking Shorts

Go Short | 14 - 18 March 2012

Breaking Shorts is the student competition of Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen. In 2012 Breaking Ground selected the 20 European student films for the fourth edition of the festival. You can find all the selected student films below.

In 2012, the jury consisted of: John Canciani (festival programmer), Constant van Panhuys (producer), Yvonne van Ulden (Creative director KLIK!), Dean Kotiga (film critic) and Marie Stroud (Programme Assessor) 

9 Scenes of Violence by Michael Krotkiewski (Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts) won the Dioraphte encouragement award for best student film (the prize: €5000).

[From the jury rapport:]“It’s brave and astonishing how uncompromising the director approaches the subject both in content and form. The unique and distinctive style contributes to the meaning of the movie. The landscape of the skin texture develops intimacy but is at the same time impenetrable. The film does not make the theme into anything else than what it really is. No drama or emotional-play are there to distract the audience or make it easy for them to digest.

Also nominated were: Beredtes  Schweigen by Julia Keller (Academy of Media  Arts Cologne) and 38.5 by Grzegorz  Debowski (Polish National Film School Lodz)  

The jury gave a special mention to Frozen Stories by Grzegorz Jaroszuk (Polish National  Film School Lodz).

[From the jury rapport:]"The strong moments in this film show the high potential of the filmmaker and we would like to applaud him for his unconventional direction. He chose the less traveled path with this black comedy that will intrigue the audience and present it with some beautiful shots."  


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