Go Short Student Campus

Go Short Student Campus

The Kick-Off

The Monday of the Go Short Student Campus is not an official day, but it’s officially the day to get to know one another better before diving into the adventure the campus has to offer the next few days. These really official days will be packed with a lot of new information and the preparation of the big task ahead – the making of a short film. So, on Monday the campus members unofficially just had some fun. The 15 European film students arrived one by one at the campus boat “Orca” where the whole bunch is going to spend their long but mostly short nights. After an enormously delicious meal, cooked by project coordinator Friso, the gang went off to meet the town of Nijmegen to experience the social abilities of the other film students as well as their dance moves. Not too long after, the next day already arrived – the first official day of the campus. While waking up slowly, the first steps towards the adventure began. At noon, project coordinator Jasper now officially opened the campus by giving the grand tour of all festival and campus related locations and by screening the introduction films the students made before arriving in The Netherlands. Many different films and views were shown and it was obvious that there were 15 individual creative minds brought together at the Go Short International Short Film Festival. These fifteen minds were split and then put together in groups of three to create five groups that will each develop a short film about the narrative strength of sound in films. At this moment you can find these five groups around festival locations, brainstorming and connecting their talents with an idea from scratch. Tonight the students will get to know their mentors for the week, Mijke de Jong and Tom Fassaert.

Keep track of our website and the Facebook page to find out which Dutch director will mentor which group and what the first pitching ideas are going to be. Also we will bring you video reports where you can take a look at all the participants and their activities these days. We will be back soon!




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