Go Short Student Campus

Go Short Student Campus

Image & sound - the first ideas

While the Go Short International Short Film Festival had yet to begin, the film students already reached their third day of the campus. The teams are formed, the brainstorming and planning is at its peak and now it’s time for some influences from film professionals.

First up is Fons Merkies, a well-known Dutch music composer elaborating on the aspects and strength of the film score and the strengths of the pauses and silences before commencing with the score. His experiences and anecdotes are saved into the creative minds of the film students and even though they won’t be allowed to use pre-existing music maybe they can find the inspiration to still make use of a film score by composing their very own soundtrack. But that’s up to the plans of the film students and these plans were pitched to the other groups and the coaches later on in the festival pavilion.
Some groups pitched their ideas using only few but relatively strong words and others presented their location and already recorded sounds. What can a group make of a living room public toilet in the heart of Nijmegen’s busy and loud train station? What sound tricks should they use when visiting a hairdresser? And will sounds come alive in paintings in museums? These are but a few ideas and questions that swirl around the minds and in the notebooks of the film students and will be answered on Thursday and Friday when the groups actually begin the biggest challenge: filming, creating sound & music, editing the image and the sound and many other film production processes during just two days. If you want to witness this process, step out in the sunny city of Nijmegen and you might spot the students with their cameras and recorders. If you want to know more about the Wednesday of the campus, take a look at our second video report below.




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