Go Short Student Campus

Go Short Student Campus

It’s a lie!

That’s a way to start a workshop: telling aspiring young film makers that everything is a lie. Cinema is never reality and there are people making a living by creating lies. At least, that’s what foley artist Mel Kutbay tells the fifteen European film students during a workshop about his sounds. Why is it a lie? Because a “horse is not a horse, it’s a coconut” and so Kutbay picks up two halves of a coconut and starts creating sound. Sound that is not a coconut but actually really is a horse. This is just one example of many attributes and sounds the students are able to witness during this interesting and intriguing workshop. With the age of 84, Kutbay claims that he has forgotten a lot when it comes to all the films he has worked on, but he will never forget how to create a specific sound: footsteps in the snow, rain on an umbrella, a house burning down, shattering a window – and all of this in the festival pavilion of the Go Short International Short Film Festival. The next step would be for the students to also create these sounds for their own short films that they are creating this week, but as Kutbay’s wife Claudia already said: “It’s not the material, it’s the man behind the material. Believe me, I tried.” It will take a while for these film students to have the magic fingers that Kutbay has, and of course a sound-proof, million euro worth studio. No worries though, they still carried on rather professional while recording their sounds that will support the images they were shooting Thursday during the day.

Supported by the warmth and light of the sun the students spread into various corners of the city Nijmegen. A barbershop, a museum, on the bridge, in a café, a pub and in a public toilet.
Everyone managed to finish their shoot before midnight so that they could join Go Shorts first official party, the Go Polski party at Wunderbar. But is not a wrap party yet, enough work to be done until Saturday noon. The bottles will pop and the glasses will clink Saturday night, during the Award Show where the six films will be screened. Until then!




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