For eight years we've been the most ardent promoters of student films and fresh talents in the Netherlands. We've always believed student films can proudly sit side by side with professional shorts in programs destined to the larger audiences and time only proved us right. 

Sadly, the moment has come for this adventure to end...

The media landscape is changing. The expansion of online channels, the easy-ness of students to promote their own works together with the programmers' and curators' open-ness to consider them, have started rendering our mediation unnecessary. Though this is bitter sweet,  it also makes us incredibly proud to see student films be able to speak for themselves and hold their own ground. It feels only fair to end this chapter and, just as it happens in movies, let another one begin

Breaking Ground (BG) is a platform for showcasing European student filmmakers and their films. Our goal is to give new talent the chance to present themselves and their work to both the public and the film industry.

Breaking Ground collects, screens and shows the works of the best film students. We are always on the lookout for promising new filmmakers, and we present the next big names in European cinema. As a platform, we take every opportunity to present European student film and the talent behind them. We organize screenings at special themed events and international film festivals.

As the international borders are fading and internet makes it very easy to connect with people from different countries, we feel it's very important to start collaborating in an early stage. Through our digital outlets we deliver the most significant information for student filmmakers and facilitate the exchange of ideas. Make sure to have a look at our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Vimeo channel!

Would you like us to present your film at our events? Please submit it here. We are very much looking forward to watching it.

Do you know a film and filmmaker you think we miss out on, please let us know.

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As said, Breaking Ground's goal is to give students a stage. We feel that working together is essential to persue this ambition. This is why Breaking Ground not only organizes its own events, but also start collaborations. Here you'll find a list of our wonderful partners.


Breaking Ground is nothing without its great team. And because we organize and programme for many festivals and events, we often have job openings. Would you like to be part of our crew, check out our jobs here.
Are there no openings? Please e-mail us anyway to let us know you are interested. We are always looking for enthusiastic people with great new ideas!


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The upcoming European film talent we think is worth following. Discover the new Lars von Trier or Pedro Almodóvar.


Films by young filmmakers that caught our eye and we would love for you to see as well.


Breaking Ground unfortunately seized to exist in may 2016. However, here you can still find our past events.


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