Breaking Ground is no more...

For eight years we've been the most ardent promoters of student films and fresh talents in the Netherlands. We've always believed student films can proudly sit side by side with professional shorts in programs destined to the larger audiences and time only proved us right. 

Sadly, the moment has come for this adventure to end...

The media landscape is changing. The expansion of online channels, the easy-ness of students to promote their own works together with the programmers' and curators' open-ness to consider them, have started rendering our mediation unnecessary. Though this is bitter sweet,  it also makes us incredibly proud to see student films be able to speak for themselves and hold their own ground. It feels only fair to end this chapter and, just as it happens in movies, let another one begin

07 03 2012

Interview - Csaba Bollók

Continuing its tradition, this year featured the 15th edition of the International Student Film Festival CineMAiubit.

This year’s edition had as a honor guest in the Jury of the main competition the Hungarian film director Csaba Bollók ( „Iska’s Journey”, Winner Hungarian Film Festival 2007) . Our correspondent Ioana Mischie had the chance to interview him. This week, part #1: On the importance of film, filmfestivals and cultural identity. „When I’m watching a movie I try to forget about everything else. Then I am reminded that I’m also in a jury and we have to make some decisions in the end.” 
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15 02 2012

The February of Anne Dilven

Anne Dilven won the Breaking Ground Pitch-contest. After a presentation about her new documentary about a Dutch-based Iraqi student, we now follow Anne once a month in a behind-the-scenes diary on the production of her film.

Curious to see what happens when you try to shoot a movie in Iraq? Find out all about it. This time: Visumrequest, equipment deal, safety plan and the big sponsors.

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31 01 2012

Duo-Interview - Anne-Marieke Graafmans & Eline Schellekens

This sunday, Dutch digital channel Holland Doc is screening two films by recent Netherland Film and Television Academy graduates Anne-Marieke Graafmans and Eline Schellekens. First up will be "Als ik jou niet had" by Anne-Marieke followed by "Daar is het beter" by Eline. 

Breaking Ground loved this idea of two student films programmed back-to-back and so we caught up with the two makers for a special duo-interview. 

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13 01 2012

Ioana reports - Ruben Amar interview

Our new correspondent Ioana Mischie (First year MA Screenwriting student at U.N.A.T.C, Bucharest, Romania) joined the jury of the Medfilmfestival. A rather unusual jury consiting half of European filmstudents and half of Italian jailmates. In this second report we read about one of the common chosen films: Checkpoint by Ruben Amar.

"It's ironic, really, that in my film the main character tries to go to jail and now my film is being judged by people who are actually in jail" 

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21 12 2011

Ioana reports - Medfilmfestival

Our new correspondent Ioana Mischie (First year MA Screenwriting student at U.N.A.T.C, Bucharest, Romania) joined the jury of the Medfilmfestival. A rather unusual jury consiting half of European filmstudents and half of Italian jailmates. In this first report we read about her experiences working with such a jury.

"They confessed that they were a bit disappointed regarding the selection because “sad films” were predominant, and they expected much more hope, dreams and enthusiasm coming from some very young, fresh (and especially free) filmmakers"  

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09 12 2011

Jeremy De Ryckere @ IDFA

We met up with Jeremy De Ryckere at the IDFA Festival in Amsterdam to talk about his film “The Heir”

"I am critical about my own work and it’s very frustrating to look at it now, I can’t look at it objectively at all. -- I keep thinking “God, I hope the audience isn’t bored or distracted”
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14 10 2011

Festival Diary - Anne-Marieke at Fresh Film Fest

In our diary-instalments, we follow noteworthy upcoming filmmakers behind the scenes at sets, festivals, classes, events. Breaking Ground reports their breakthroughs and breakdowns.
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14 10 2011

Interview - Mac 'n' Cheese

The graduation animation film ‘Mac ‘n’ Cheese’ from four students of the HKU (The Netherlands) became a real phenomenon on the internet with more than 850.000 viewers within a month and job offers reportedly pouring in.
Watch the film on Vimeo here and then read our interview below. 
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11 09 2011

HKU - EJECT 2011

Next week on friday 16th and saturday 17th of September, you have the possiblity to go the screening of the graduation films of the Hogeschool van de Kunsten, the Netherlands. For more information click here.
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14 08 2011

Maybe it's time to remember an old friend

One of our favorite studentfilms of this moment! This beautiful short film is made by three filmstudents from the filmacademy Baden-Wurttenberg in Germany. This video has over more than 690.000 viewers. And we understand why. Take you time, sit back and let this video take you away.
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