You always stand stronger together. That’s why Breaking Ground joins up with other organizations to reach her goal: make sure that new talented filmmakers have the chance to present themselves and their masterpieces.


NISI MASA is a European network of associations, which was founded in 2001 and is currently present in 26 countries. Member associations consist of young professionals, students and enthusiasts with a common cause - European cinema.

NISI MASA's main aims: discover new film talents / develop cross-cultural audiovisual projects / foster European awareness through cinema / create a platform of discussion and collaboration for young European filmmakers.

In March 2011 Breaking Ground became the Dutch member of the network.

Go Short International Short Film Festival

Go Short is a refreshing film festival for short films that takes place in the city of Nijmegen. It is an unique event in The Netherlands at which the audience is treated to short films. Most of them made by young, talented filmmakers from all over Europe.

Short films are getting a lot of attention at the moment, thanks to digital channels like YouTube. Not everything on these websites is of good quality though. Go Short guarantees a high standard. All films have been selected with care.

Besides competitions for best short fiction film, documentary, animation, and art film, there will be a diversity of interesting additional programs. The audience and film professionals will be able to get to know more about the possibilities of the short film by visiting retrospectives, master classes, debates, expositions, lectures, and programs around new media, like mobile phones and the iPod.

Breaking Ground selects the Breaking Shorts competition (the competition of best European student films). Besides that BG co-produces the Go Short Student Campus.


NPO Doc is the documentary platform of the Public Broadcasting.

With every Thursday night around 11 o'clock an arthouse documentary on channel 2, every Sunday night around 21.00 a radio documentary on Radio 1 and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week digital television and internet with space of recent and special older documentaries from the Netherlands and abroad.

Breaking Ground programs a selection of the best student documentaries on every first Sunday of the month, with several reruns the next week.

Nordic Delight Festival

Experience the culture of Northern Europe at Nordic Delight Festival. A nordic music and lifestyle expedition in Utrecht.

Design, food, fashion, film, art and music from Northern Europe nowadays reaches more and more Dutch people. Think of fashion brands like Wood Wood, Acne and Nümph, interior design brand HAY, NOMA restaurant in Copenhagen, television series like The Killing, films like As it is in Heaven and Melancholia and music by Agnes Obel, Ane Brun, The Whitest Boy Alive, Sigur Ros and many others. Nordic Delight creates a platform for all these facets together and also introduces new artists at smaller events during the year and a bigger festival once a year. Mostly new and upcoming artists are performing on stage. Besides  music, you can discover many Scandinavian delights, such as film, stand-up comedy, fashion, design and of course the Northern European cuisine.


The Brommerbios is an outdoor cinema build on a moped from the 70s. In collaboration with Breaking Ground, free movie nights are held at various locations in Utrecht. The 'Brommerbios' is an idea from Maarten Slot (spatial designer) and Lotte Walrave (programmer). Together they share a passion for film, mopeds and summer evenings in the park.

EYE Film Institute

EYE Film Institute Netherlands is the institute for film in the Netherlands. EYE unites the Filmbank, Holland Film, the Nederlands Instituut voor Filmeducatie and the Filmmuseum in one organization, under one name. EYE combines an extensive, world-famous film collection with valuable expertise in restoration and research and with educational programmes and international promotion.
EYE promotes film culture, debate, reflection and innovation through adventurous film programming, distribution, research and experimentation.

Every two months Breaking Ground NL takes places in the EYE cinema. Besides that Breaking Ground and EYE join forces to organize the Breaking Ground Festival in 2012.


At this moment our collaberation with CineCrowd exists mainly in exchanging knowledge and promotion of each others pursuits. In the future we hope to be working closely with them in helping students fincance their newest film projects with this crowdfunding organization. Keep track of our website for more news about our collaboration with them.

What is CineCrowd?

Step into the world of film and share in the passion of filmmaking. Together, we will make sure that extraordinary stories will be told. That way, more films will be made and you will be able to determine which ones they are.

CineCrowd is a platform on which filmmakers and film lovers meet to produce films together. Support your favorite film and perhaps you will be visiting the set, attending the premiere or featured on the credits soon.

CineCrowd wants to provide a platform to the makers of powerful and original films. Both well-known filmmakers (such as George Sluizer, Eddy Terstall and Heddy Honigmann) and filmmakers who are at the start of their career have been able to make films in part thanks to CineCrowd.

CineCrowd does not exclude any film genres. Documentaries, animation films or feature films: you, the viewer, will be the one who decides which particular films will actually be made. The final results can be found anywhere: at film festivals, in the cinema, on television or on the Internet. The filmmakers and CineCrowd will keep you informed on any venues that will be featuring your film.

More information? Visit their website which has a Dutch and English version:

Early Melons

Early Melons is an International Student Film Festival held in Bratislava. It shows a diverse selection of Slovak and foreign student films. One of the basic aims of the festival is to enrich the offer of audiovisual cultural events in Slovakia and get Slovak audience closer to the phenomenon of student cinematography. Early Melons aims to encourage the cultural interchange and partnership between different countries and schools. Besides the festival presents a variety of themes and techniques used in student films to enable an engagement between public, film makers, school representatives and film professionals. This will help to build international relationships and enable possible future collaborations. It will also provide a base for an important multi-cultural exchange of ideas and experiences.

Breaking Ground promoted a selection of the best Dutch student films at the festival in 2011. BG's Elsbeth and Johan Rijpma (director of a.o. 'Tiles') were there to see what the reactions were.

International Student Film Festival Belgrade

International Student Film Festival Belgrade (FSF) is the student film festival in Serbia. Every year a new group of students organize this festival where film school can present the productions of the entire year. For the audience, FSF is a place where films, uncorrupted by the imperative of commercials, are being shown. Through its programs FSF will make you reACT!

In 2011 Breaking Ground presented the best Dutch student films and Hasse and Roos of BG's team were in Belgrade to give a presentation about organizing events and festivals.


International Student Film Festival Cinestud is all about student cinema, as it has been for 50 years. In the main program a selection of the admissions will be screened, reflecting the best this generation of student
filmmakers has to offer. Cinestud is an event organized by Kriterion.

At Cinestud in 2010 Breaking Ground organized a 3-day workshop 'Three day film' with director Danyael Sugawara as the coach for three groups of students making a short film.


Since 2001, every autumn, St.Petersburg Filmmakers Union has been organizing Open St.Petersburg Student Film Festival Beginning. The festival is held with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Committee of Culture of St. Petersburg Government.
The festival program includes a.o. a competition program, masterclasses, retrospective programs and art exhibitions. 

In 2011 Breaking Ground presented a programma of the best Dutch student films in St. Petersburg. BG's Elvira and Anne were there to present the films and talk about the differences in filmmaking between the two countries.


FAMUfest is a festival of students at the Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) with a long tradition. It is a unique project, not only because it represents the work of young and talented students, but also because the festival organizing team changes every year and consists of only students.

Breaking Ground presented a selection of the best Dutch student films at the festival in 2010. Tim, Maartje and Randy (all BG team members) were invited to come to Prague and talk to the students there.

Flachland Fest

Flachland Fest is a Dutch/Flemish Cultural Festival in Berlin. The aim of the festival is to bring Dutch and Flemish cultural initiatives (music, film and art) to the German people, to give them the possibility to present themselves outside their country of origin.

Breaking Ground selected the best Dutch and Flemish student films to screen at the Flachland Fest in 2010. BG's Tim and Hasse were there to see what the audience thought about the films.


The upcoming European film talent we think is worth following. Discover the new Lars von Trier or Pedro Almodóvar.


Films by young filmmakers that caught our eye and we would love for you to see as well.


Breaking Ground unfortunately seized to exist in may 2016. However, here you can still find our past events.


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