Breaking Ground's goal is to present student filmmakers and their films. This is why BG organizes its own events and programs for several other festivals. Here you'll find all of them. If you would like us to consider your film for a next event, please submit it.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer)

SETUP & Nederlands Film Festival organize one of the largest editions of this one-night-exhibition the world has ever seen. More than 80 visual artists bring their own projector and show-case their incredibly artistic works to Bring Your Own Beamer.

Breaking Ground is joining the team of beamer bringers and screens a wonderful selection…

NPO Cultura

NPO Cultura is the platform for art and culture of the Dutch Public Broadcasters (NPO). This online channel brings programming about film, literature, classical music, pop, jazz and performing arts 24/7.

We have still to sort out a regular schedule, but in the meantime we're already puting together themed programmes to be…

Breaking Ground @ Kriterion

New name, same event. Our bimonthly screenings in Amsterdam return for a sixth season. Previously known as "Breaking Ground EU", we now continue by simply calling it "Breaking Ground", which this year again takes place at the Kriterion cinema.

We show the best European student films next to the best Dutch students shorts. The evening…

Breaking Ground @ EKKO

On January 24th Poppodium EKKO's favorite dance night Diep in de Groef, comes with a special twist! On this night only, the warming up will consist of a couple of beautiful Breaking Ground student short films, carefully selected to spice up the atmosphere and get those feet moving. 

We're calling student shorts THE WAY to…

BG at Stukafest

Take off your coat – and stinky socks – and get ready to be surprised. Cozy, messy student rooms are transformed into mini-stages with music, dance, comedy, theatre, literature, poetry and much more!

During this Dutch nation-wide student festival Breaking Ground will take place in one of those many student houses in the big…


NPO Doc is the documentary platform of the Dutch Public Broadcasters. With great programming and a wonderful website that functions as an archive for Dutch documentaries it is a very important platform for documentary filmmakers.

In 2009, back then still known as Holland Doc 24, NPO Doc asked Breaking Ground to work together to…

De Brommerbios

De Brommerbios is an outdoor cinema build on a moped from the 70s. During the summer, in collaboration with Breaking Ground, free movie nights are held at various locations in Utrecht. It's the perfect opportunity to spend your summer nights outside and at the same time see a wide selection of great student…

Metro Movies

Connecting and Celebrating the City 

Metro Movies is a short film festival which takes place under the metro station Bullewijk in Amsterdam.  The underlying theme is always the city, but each edition also has its own theme. This year that's 'What makes you HAPPY?'

The programme consists of musical…

Nordic Delight Festival

Experience the culture of Northern Europe at Nordic Delight Festival. A nordic music and lifestyle expedition in Utrecht.
Design, food, fashion, film, art and music from Northern Europe nowadays reaches more and more Dutch people. Think of fashion brands like Wood Wood, Acne and Nümph, interior design brand HAY, NOMA restaurant in Copenhagen, television series…

Breaking Ground EU

At Breaking Ground EU, we show the best European student films next to the best Dutch students shorts. The evening features the film students, who will shine a light on their films, and industry guests who give their opinions of the film and contextualize them in today’s film world.

It’s a place where you can…

Breaking Shorts

Breaking Shorts is the student competition of Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen (GS). Together with Go Short, Breaking Ground thinks that student films are often just as interesting or well made as 'normal' short films. This is why Go Short decided to include a student section at the festival and BG and GS…

Holland Doc 24

Holland Doc 24 is the documentary platform of the Dutch Public Broadcasters. With great programming and a wonderful website that functions as an archive for Dutch documentaries it is a very important platform for documentary filmmakers.

In 2009 Holland Doc 24 asked Breaking Ground to work together to give the student film a better…


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Edition #07 - March 2010
Edition #06 - February 2010
Edition #05 - Januari 2010
Edition #03 - November 2009
Edition #02 - October 2009
Edition #01 - September 2009

BG on Tour!

Breaking Ground is coming with a new event, we're going on a tour!

As thé platform for the young European studentfilmmaker, one of the main goals of Breaking Ground is to actually show the beautiful films they made. And why not give the Dutch audience the perfect opportunity to actually see the best of…

INPUT Festival

INPUT is the documentary and television festival organized by Dutch public broadcasters NPO and NOS and The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. The festival is a platform and stimulus for new, original and distinctive talent in the different areas of public broadcasting.

Go Short Student Campus

From the first edition of the Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, Breaking Ground co-produces the Go Short Student Campus.

The campus is a 6-day-long-workshop about filmmaking. We gather 15 student filmmakers from all over Europe to work together on a short film. In this week they get no time to rest:…

Breaking Ground NL

Breaking Ground NL is a bi-monthly platform for Dutch film students. It takes place at one of the most prestigious venues in The Netherlands: the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam. Every two months we screen a selection of the best or most interesting films from Dutch soil. We gather film students, professionals (every edition is…

Breaking Ground at Pera Museum

Merhaba! In the weekend of 22 and 23 December of this year, Breaking Ground will present a programme in the wonderful Pera Museum in Istanbul during their programme "The Shortest Day on Earth". In collaboration with EYE, BG and Pera we have selected a recent programme of some of the best short Dutch student films: More

BG Pitch

Breaking Ground will annually organize a pitch competition for filmstudents in which they get the chance to win prize money and assistance from a filmprofessional to help them produce their film.

For the first edition of the pitch competition, Breaking Ground selected six filmmakers who get the chance to present their ideas to a…

Solar Cinema - European Tour

CosyMo's Solar Cinema is a little bus with a screen on its back that runs on solar power. In the summer of 2010 and 2011 CosyMo travelled through Europe to screen 'green films' to the European public. Breaking Ground jumped the ride and showed a selection of green films made by students.

BG @ student film festivals

Breaking Ground often travels abroad to screen a selection of the best Dutch student films at other student film festival in Europe: FAMUFest in Prague, Czech Republic, Early Melons in Bratislava, Slovakia (16-20 March 2011), International Student Film Festival Belgrade in Serbia (17-20 March 2011) and The Beginning in St. Petersburg, Russia (10-16 September 2011).

BG @ Flachland Fest

Why not make a festival for Dutch and Flemish upcoming talent in one of the most creative cities in Europe, the founder of Flachland Fest, thought. And so he did. In Berlin. And of course Breaking Ground was there as well!

In 2010 Breaking Ground selected a wide programm of great Dutch,…

Three Day Film

After the succes of the Go Short Student Campus, Breaking Ground and Cinestud started talking about organizing the same sort of thing on the oldest student film festival in the world: Cinestud. Ten student filmmakers got together to make four short films, accompanied by talented director Danyael Sugawara, producer Paul Ruver, writer Philip Delmaar and…


The upcoming European film talent we think is worth following. Discover the new Lars von Trier or Pedro Almodóvar.


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