Breaking Ground offers young filmmakers a stage to present themselves and their work. Below you'll find the films we have programmed at one of our festivals or events so far. Please note this is not a video channel, this is a showcase of interesting films. Would you like us to take an interest in your film, please submit it.

Director: Matthias Sahli
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK)
Year of production 2015
Genre Fiction
Length 14'

Hausarrest (House Arrest)

Hause Arrest tells the story of Max, who was sentenced to six months of house arrest. An electronic ankle bracelet called Percy helps him trough his new daily life. One day Max is shocked to discover how far Percy is willing to go to assist him in his needs.

Director: Jonathan Vinel
La Femis
Year of production 2015
Genre Fiction
Length 25'

Notre Héritage (Our Legacy)

»He could have taught me so much.« It's the statement of the disappointed son trying to fill the void of his absent father that creates the back bone to this most classic of genres: the son-seeking-father story. Yet with »Notre Héritage« the directors Jonathan Vinel and Caroline Poggi's have revisited this theme and given it
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Director: Alice Wong
Design Academy Eindhoven
Year of production 2015
Genre Documentary / Experimental
Length 12'

Reconstructing Reality

My father was murdered in 1992 when I was 3 years old. During the initial stage of my thesis research I concentrated on finding out the true nature of the event. The truth would reveal itself through gathering data. As I researched archives and spoke to different witnesses I found out they all have different
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Director: Grzegorz Szczepaniak
Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing in Warsaw
Year of production 2015
Genre Documentary
Length 30'

Ślimaki (Snails)

The French are outraged! Every other snail on their table comes from Poland. The snail industry is growing and Polish breeders are exporting their snails not only to France or Italy, they are also conquering China and Japan. The "snail coin" popularity convinces two friends, Andrzej and Konrad, to start their own farm
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