Breaking Ground offers young filmmakers a stage to present themselves and their work. Below you'll find the films we have programmed at one of our festivals or events so far. Please note this is not a video channel, this is a showcase of interesting films. Would you like us to take an interest in your film, please submit it.

Director: Stephane Kaas
Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie
Year of production 2009
Genre documentary
Length 22'10"

Altijd 19

Ever since 23-year old Wouter van Geyte fell through a roof and landed on his head, he forgets everything that happens. He lives every day in the assumption that he is still 19, that he has a girlfriend and that he is a very ordinary kid who's good at skating.

Director: Damien Dufresne
La Femis
Year of production 2009
Genre fiction
Length 29'02"

Chantier (Under Construction)

Pascal, 50, on parole has turned the back to his tumoult past. The only thing he wants now is a quiet lonely life. As kevin, 20, in big troubles comes to ask him for work, he sees his old demons coming back and wonders whether he should help him or not.

Director: Marco Gadge
Year of production 2009
Genre fiction
Length 9'13"

Das Paket (The Package)

The two hardened gangsters Klaus and Bernd have to supply again. One package. It has to get in time in this kind of business and the date should always be kept. But this is not always as easy as it seems. And so Bernd and Klas realize that a small traffic light, becomes a big
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Director: Daan Bakker
Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie
Year of production 2009
Genre fiction
Length 18'00"

Jacco's Film

Jacco is a scientist, inventor, musician, philosopher, architect and athlete. He lives with his parents bacause he is only ten. While his mum and dad argue, Jacco shows us how much he knows about deep sea fish. Is this a way of keeping reality at a safe distance?

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