Breaking Ground offers young filmmakers a stage to present themselves and their work. Below you'll find the films we have programmed at one of our festivals or events so far. Please note this is not a video channel, this is a showcase of interesting films. Would you like us to take an interest in your film, please submit it.

Director: Konstantina Kotzaman
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Year of production 2014
Genre Fiction
Length 24


The giraffe is the animal with the biggest heart.The distance between its head and its heart is three meters, so the heart is big enough to send the blood all the way up.When the giraffe is lying down, its heartbeat touches the ground —it goes underground.All animals are tuned to the heartbeat of
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Director: György Mór Kárpáti
University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest
Year of production 2014
Genre Fiction
Length 21


Otto works as a conveyor for a food store in Budapest. When his van breaks down during a countryside delivery, he finds himself on an archaeological excavation site. Otto spends one day on the excavation.

Director: Tommaso Pitta
National Film and Television School
Year of production 2013
Genre Fiction
Length 13

All the pain in the world

London. Christmas time. A man is desperately trying to save the life of a minuscule fish, but the situation spirals out of control. Based on the short story 'All the pain in the world' by Michele Mari.

Director: Lennart Ruff
University of Television & Film Munich
Year of production 2014
Genre Fiction
Length 38


CHRISTIAN LUKAS, 22, IS ON THE RUN. He took part in a drug study and together with his girlfriend Anna discovered the death of a fellow participant. However instead of investigating, the doctors covered up the incident. When Anna also starts showing signs of the deadly side effects Christian breaks out of the test centre
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