Breaking Ground offers young filmmakers a stage to present themselves and their work. Below you'll find the films we have programmed at one of our festivals or events so far. Please note this is not a video channel, this is a showcase of interesting films. Would you like us to take an interest in your film, please submit it.

Director: Miriam Bliese
German Film and Television Academy Berlin
Year of production 2013
Genre Fiction
Length 5'00

An der Tür (At the door)

A man comes to pick up his son at his ex-wife’s house, just like every weekend. As always, he waits at the entrance of her apartment building for his son to come down stairs. But this Saturday, it takes a little longer. Their son wants to finish watching a TV show. And so it happens
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Director: Sanna Liljander
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Year of production 2013
Genre Documentary
Length 10'00

Jää (On ice)

Why don't you just get up from there? A film about depression, friendship and willpower. Once in a while you have to shatter the ice and confront the cold dark water underneath.

Director: Eirik Forus
Year of production 2012
Genre Fiction
Length 30'00

Saltvannsfrukt (Salt water fruit)

Yngve invites his new girlfriend Embla to spend a week of summer holiday with his family at a nudist camp. Embla is not a nudist but keen to become a part of the family. Nevertheless tension rises between Embla and Yngves mother, as Embla feels pressured to adapt to the family costumes. As the conflict
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Director: Jon Petter Vorren
Volda University College
Year of production 2013
Genre Animation
Length 7'00
Director: Margrethe Danielsen
Volda University College

I love wales

Two souls from two different poles.

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