Breaking Ground offers young filmmakers a stage to present themselves and their work. Below you'll find the films we have programmed at one of our festivals or events so far. Please note this is not a video channel, this is a showcase of interesting films. Would you like us to take an interest in your film, please submit it.

Director: Emilie Blichfeldt
Nordland College of Art and Film
Year of production 2013
Genre Documentary
Length 11'00

How do you like my hair?

What is beauty? In these days the ideal is literally slim. This is a story about finding beauty outside the well-trodden path. It’s about a beautiful love story where a big nose ploughs through body-hair.

Director: Lauri-Matti Parppei
The Aalto University ELO Helsinki Film School
Year of production 2013
Genre Fiction
Length 18'00

Labyrintti (You built me a labyrinth)

Just when everything was going right, she gets a love letter from the past.

Director: Sarah Hirtt
Atelier de Réalisation (INSAS)
Year of production 2013
Genre Fiction
Length 20'00

En attendant le degel (Waiting for the Thaw)

Long divided siblings meet for the moving out of one of them. The atmosphere is tense. Valery, Victor and Vincianne take the road, not knowing that the trip will be hazardous...  Waiting for the Thaw is questioning the development of family disagreements in the context of a critical and incongruous situation.
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Director: Fulvio Risuelo
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Production
Year of production 2014
Genre Fiction
Length 15'14

Lievito Madre (Sourdough)

Three's a crowd. A classic love triangle. But what happens if the third isn't human? Or rather, it's made of water, flour and honey?

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