We love student films! No surprise here, after all we have been bugging you with this for the last seven years!

Up until now we have done our best to screen the best talent and show you that student shorts are gems in the making, sometimes even more captivating than professional works. And we finally get the feeling that we're not alone in this quest! Student films get screened left and right. They get selected to important film festivals, captivate audiences and win awards. They're fresh, they ooze potential and often approach subjects not previously discussed cinematically. They are genuinely ground-breaking considering their makers are just breaking into cinema themselves.

In celebration of the true spirit of Breaking Ground we also like to shake things up every now and then and reinvent ourselves! With new functions and new team members, we are ready to tackle “student shorts & their filmmakers” version 2.0. We aim to create a platform that serves even better the interests of young creators and responds to the needs of the current European film-making context. We will be putting connecting student filmmakers right next to screening new talent and we guarantee the results shall be spectacular.

At the moment we have no vacancies but you're always welcome to drop us a line and send us an open applications at



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Breaking Ground unfortunately seized to exist in may 2016. However, here you can still find our past events.


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